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Customer Testimonials for CarFit

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MALLY M - 2006 FORD F150

So march 17th we go in to start our venture truck shopping we went to tons of places and happened to make our way to carfit , and it was EXTREMELY nice to not get jumped as we drove in. We got to walk around and see what was on the lot and just take our time. So after a little bit our sales rep came over to us and was EXTREMELY friendly, funny, and most of all caring. We loved how he listened to our needs and never once went above our budget. So then when we could we went back today march 31st and he had trucks waiting for us to test drive , you have no idea how much of a time saver that was! So we test drive a bunch and liked a few and I don't know nothing sung to us but from the first weekend we did our first look to today this one truck was there so I had said if she was still there there then it was fait. So we tested her out, and faith it was she sung to us loudly. We went did paperwork and the gentleman who does that is awesome, and I am sorry but we are horrible with names, so he got us through paper work quickly and explained things thoroughly. We are very happy and once my truck paid off we Will go there to to trade in as well. I highly recommend this place! thank you guys for helping us, and not pushing us to go over what we could afford. very happy and just a big thank you!!

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Being a Single parent to 4 children, I woke up to realize my Rav4 broken down. It basically did its time at 266k miles. To my surprise along with my not so great credit, Rich went above and beyond to help me get approved for a car loan. Even after my car purchase, I forgot to turn off my car lights and had a dead car battery the next morning, he went the extra mile to charge my car battery. He's a Super reliable man with quick responses, honest, and awesome to work with. He stands behind his cars and takes great care of his customers. The struggles are REAL, but Rich and his team was also REAL! #Trustworthy Thank you Rich and your team- Car Fit U. Highly Recommended - Katie Her

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Tatum Luck - 2006 Acura MDX

Rich was awesome. He went above and beyond to make sure our car was safe and prefect for us. When we needed it to be looked at he drove out to my house to drop it off. What a great salesman!

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Leeah Inthisan - 2008 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN

Rich helped us & went out of his way to do what was best for us ... totally felt like buying a car from a good friend that is looking out for your best interest. So far so good .. I would come back to them for any future car purchases.

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Rob - 2001 Toyota Camry

Hey Craig/Laura, Just wanted you to know that the 2001 Red Toyota Camry is running great and is back from South Carolina without a hitch. Below is a testimonial if you want to use it for your website... feel free to change any formatting. Testimonial: ------------------- I recently purchased a 2001 Red Toyota Camry with 167+K miles on it from Edmunds Motors for my college going daughter. I have to admit I was a little nervous about buying a car with that many miles on it, but as Toyota's have such a great track record and the fact that Edmunds was selling it for a fair price, I decided to go for it. My daughter was going to be using it for a Spring Break driving trip to South Carolina (1200+ miles each way) so I brought it into the shop to get checked out. Much to my delight, I was told that all the car might need is a new air filter, but that could even wait. What a relief for a owner of a newly purchased car! Craig and Laura also helped me to find good financing. I am happy to report that the trip went off with out a hitch which is a huge relief to us as parents. I will admit that, even though these things were great, none of them were actually a surprise. It is easy to tell when dealing with Craig and Laura that they are honest believers as were working hard for our best interests. It is always a pleasant experience dealing with people like this and I am sure that they will always do the same for anyone that they work with. Rob

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Edmunds Motors - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At Edmunds Motors we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

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